Meet the Maker

Hello! Welcome to Cozy Reusables, and thank you so much for visiting and opening your mind to the whole world of reusable, sustainable, eco friendly products.

My name is Kaity Marcotte and I'm the Owner, Operator and hands behind all our handmade products. Here is a little bit about me, what brought me here, and the whys behind my little business.

After my parents moved me to Fort McMurray Alberta from the B.C. coast, I finished high school, climbed the ranks in the Restaurant/Bar industry, and fell deeply in love with Alberta. In 2016 our province held our hands as wildfires drove us away from everything we knew. My husband and I thought our home was lost, and as Newlyweds we were absolutely devastated. By so much grace, our house was spared. After a couple years of wanting a slight change of scenery, we took this ordeal as a push to go find a new home.

The place we began to call home was the Central Alberta area, near a small village called Alix. A lot of hard work has gone into making our new house a home, but we are shaping it into a great one for our family, and for Cozy Reusables.

My passion to be more eco friendly started with my dislike for Restaurant waste, and an urge to be more budget orientated at home. While expecting a baby, I knew I wanted to try Cloth Diapering, and it turned into a fun new hobby after our daughter arrived. My love for Cloth Diapers motivated me to explore even more eco-friendly items - which led me to the discovery of Cloth Menstrual Pads.

I've always been a crafty person, and I love exploring new hobbies. Some of my crafty hobbies include drawing, tie dye, photography, and a little carpentry. My most dignified hobby is sewing and I have been sewing by hand, and on a machine since my Middle School years. My 20+ years of sewing experience brings meticulous expertise into every product I make.

I started this business in one small corner of our basement, and have slowly expanded over the last (almost) 2 years. Half of our basement space now accommodates my growing business. Our dream is to one day move the business into a new outbuilding on our acreage.

Our goal here is to bring alternative Period Products to light and help those who may be suffering from allergies or sensitivities to Disposable Period Products. We also hope to reduce waste by exploring and crafting products you can re-use and recycle. I hope we're able to help inspire you to do the same.

Join us on our endeavor to create less waste!

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