Cubby System

Cozy Reusables "Cubby System" Information and guidelines/policies (Using the "Cubby" code at checkout):

Please note; using the "Cubby" code at checkout WILL NOT SHIP YOUR ITEM(S). This is not a free method of shipping.

Our Cubby system allows you to shop from multiple weeks restocks, without multiple shipping charges. We hold your purchased items securely in your own "Cubby" until we have reached the parcel weight limit, or you opt for shipping.

Cubby Shipments are not included in "Flat Rate Shipping" or "Free shipping over $150Cad". Cubby shipments will be priced by weight, which saves you in the long run compared to paying the flat rate every restock. We will do our best to update you when your items are about to exceed the different weight limit tiers.

See current "By Weight" Cubby shipping rates here:

The Cozy Reusables checkout will only allow you to use the "Cubby" code if your email has been authorized to do so. If you would like to use the Cubby System, then you must email us at Please read and acknowledge the following information before emailing:

The Cubby System is not recommended for Canadians using Untracked Lettermail. Untracked Lettermail envelopes can only fit so much before it would be more cost affective to use a Tracked shipping method.

Use of the Cubby code as a "combine my Lettermail shipment" method, is prohibited. If used as a "combine shipment" que, then you may be subject to additional mailing charges. Lettermail charges must be paid on every order that you wish to have mailed via *Untracked* Lettermail. The Cozy Reusables website generates your Envelope/Parcel weight to be shipped within the different lettermail weight teirs. If you are in Canada you are still welcome to use the Cubby System, but please make yourself aware of our Tracked Shipping prices.

Your items that are currently in a Cubby will only be dispatched once a shipping charge has been paid to cover the whole shipment. Opt for shipping anytime by emailing us at Shipping charges for the combined orders will then be invoiced separately.

Please note - If you pay shipping on one order, but have items from previous orders in a Cubby, then you may not have paid enough shipping cost to include all your items all together. You may be subject to additional shipping charges. Always email before paying any shipping charges to make sure all your items can be included. 

Cubbies will be held for a maximum of 3 months from last purchase (subject to change if product demand rises). If it has been 3 months since your last purchase, efforts have been made to contact you, and shipping charges have not yet been paid, then the original purchase(s) will be refunded minus a 10% storage/restocking fee.