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"Black & St. Pats Green" GUSHER Serged Cloth Pad - Organic Cotton Spandex Topper

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This listing is for 1 "Gusher" style Cloth Pad. Please choose your size variation from the above options.

Black liquid resistant softshell fleece backer (100% Polyester)

"Gusher" style pads are tailored so that the top few layers of fabric are cut, to allow them to fray. The fray is an excellent gush/clot absorber!

Your gusher pad will come "un-prepped", meaning it won't be frayed until you do your initial/pre-wearing wash. Once your gusher has been through a few more washes the fray will open up to it's full potential!

Materials & Core information:

Your "Gusher" Pad will consist of the topper layer of Cotton Spandex (95% Cotton, 5% Spandex) and 3 layers of Flannel (100% Cotton).

Underneath the top Gusher layers there is another hidden core layer of Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece (70% Bamboo Rayon, 30% Organic Cotton)

Snapped Widths per Absorbency

All Heavy Cloth Pads are adjustable with 2 socket snaps to choose between an approximate 3" and 2.75" width.