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"Black & Cotton Candy" GUSHER *Asymmetrical* Serged Cloth Pad - Organic Cotton Spandex Topper

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This listing is for 1 "Gusher" style Cloth Pad. Please choose your size variation from the above options.

 liquid resistant softshell fleece backer (100% Polyester)

"Gusher" style pads are tailored so that the top few layers of fabric are cut, to allow them to fray. The fray is an excellent gush/clot absorber!

Your gusher pad will come "un-prepped", meaning it won't be frayed until you do your initial/pre-wearing wash. Once your gusher has been through a few more washes the fray will open up to it's full potential!

Asymmetrical Cloth Pads are shaped to cater to a flow that travels more to the back or front of your pad, instead of the centre. If your flow travels more to the front, place the pad in your undies with the broader half at the front. Broader half to the back, for a back flow.

Materials & Core information:

Your "Gusher" Pad will consist of the topper layer of Cotton Spandex (95% Cotton, 5% Spandex) and 3 layers of Flannel (100% Cotton).

Underneath the top Gusher layers there is another core layer of Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece (70% Bamboo Rayon, 30% Organic Cotton) 

Snapped Widths per Absorbency

All Heavy Cloth Pads are adjustable with 2 socket snaps to choose between an approximate 3" and 2.75" width.