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Plastic Snap Pliers - With 20 sets of genuine Kam Snap closures

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This listing is for 1 pair of Snap Pliers, and 20 sets of genuine T5 Kam Snap closures in a color of your choice.

25+ Kam Snap colors to choose from! Email us at or message on Facebook or Instagram to see our current Kam Snap color selection. Or note in your order notes which colors you are looking for and we will do our very best to match them. If no color choices are supplied to us within 2-3 days then we will default to a variety of colors.

Snap Pliers are great to have on hand in the event snaps on an aged Pad have become unusable, broken etc.

They can also be use to install snaps on a wide variety of different materials! Not just for Pads!

These snap pliers are compatible with 3 sizes of plastic snaps - T8, T5, and T3. However the snaps that will come in this package will be only one size, the T5 Standard Prong.

This package will come with 20 sets of snaps - enough to fix 20 single snapped width Pads. (40 caps, 20 sockets, 20 studs)

More snap colors coming soon!