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"Sunflower" Unpaper Towels - Various Size Packs - 1 Ply 12"x12" Sheets - 100% Cotton Flannel

"Sunflower" Unpaper Towels - Various Size Packs - 1 Ply 12"x12" Sheets - 100% Cotton Flannel

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This listing is for 1 set of Unpaper Towels with Sunflowers on a Burnt Orange background. Please choose your quantity/variation from the above options.

Unpaper Towels are extremely versatile! Great for drying hands, holding food, wiping counters, mirrors, glasses, faces and floors!

Our Unpapers are 100% Cotton Flannel, serged with a strong Polyester thread. 1-ply (1 single layer of flannel) with a generous 12" × 12" size, pre-shrunk! That means you will not see much more shrinking, if any. 

*They also come with a (hand) washable, reusable plastic canvas roll with Kam Snap closures. Your Unpapers will come wrapped around your reusable roll (**unless Canadian Untracked Lettermail, see below) Simply replace your disposable paper towel roll with this reusable roll. The flannel Unpaper sheets cling together naturally around eachother to dispense only one at a time.

To wash - just throw in with your regular laundry! Avoid use of fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and bleach. Some piling and fading can be expected over time, but will never hinder absorbtion!

* Only 18 & 12 Pack sizes will come with the plastic canvas roll. 6 packs do not come with a roll!

** Canadian lettermail shipping: If your order qualifies for Untracked Lettermail shipping within Canada, your Unpapers will come folded. Your reusable roll will also come flat - you will need to curl the plastic canvas up and snap the roll ends together with the installed snaps.

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