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Sisal Long Arm Scrub Brush with FREE Refill Head!

Sisal Long Arm Scrub Brush with FREE Refill Head!

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This listing is for 1 Sisal Long Arm Scrub Brush with 1 FREE Refill Brush Head (2 Brush Heads and 1 Handle) 

This brush has soft Sisal bristles for a softer scrub! Brush heads can be replaced by sliding the metal ring down and popping out the old head. (See here for Sisal Brush Head Refills)

100% sustainable kitchen and household Scrub Brush. Scrub pots, dishes and household surfaces. The perfect alternative to plastic scrub brushes/sponges (which can leach microplastics into waterways, harbor germs and ultimately end up in the landfill taking hundreds of years to decompose.)

Brush material 100% Sisal (Agave Sisalana) - home compost safe! (And then replace Arm with a new Brush Head!)

Handle material 100% Organic Bamboo (Naturally Anti-Microbial) - home compost safe!

Metal material is 100% Stainless Steel - can be recycled or re-purposed!

Sisal Brush Care:

Rinse with water and air dry with bristles facing down. Avoid soaking in water for extended periods of time, or washing in dishwasher - to prevent cracks!

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