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"Sun-burst" *ASYMMETRICAL* Serged Cloth Pad - Tie Dyed Bamboo Velour Topper

"Sun-burst" *ASYMMETRICAL* Serged Cloth Pad - Tie Dyed Bamboo Velour Topper

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This listing is for 1 Cloth Pad. Assorted sizes, please choose your variation from the above options.

Asymmetrical Cloth Pads are shaped to cater to a flow that travels more to the back or front of your pad, instead of the centre. If your flow travels more to the front, place the pad in your undies with the broader half at the front. Broader half to the back, for a back flow.

Tie Dye Pattern placement will vary. For this color mixture, the Cloth Pad you recieve may have different shades of reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and whites.

Our Tie Dyed Cloth Pads are dyed in house using professional non-toxic Procion MX Fibre Reactive Dyes - by brands such as "Dharma" and "Jaccard". We also Soda Ash (Arm & Hammer Washing Soda) during our dyeing process to help the colors bond to the fabrics. Once the dye has set, we hand wash the fabrics with very hot water and Blue Dawn Dish Soap in our effort to rinse all excess color away. The fabric is then finished with a full wash cycle with Eco-Max Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free laundry detergent.

We do our best to minimize any chance of color run off when you wash your items at home, but we do recommend washing no hotter than warm, with like colors only. This will be most important for the first few washes, and you may find you're able to incorporate them back in with all other laundry in the future. 

"Topper"/Top Layer of Fabric that sits against your skin: Tie Dyed Bamboo Velour (70% bamboo rayon, 25% organic cotton, 5% polyester)

"Backer"/Back Layer of Fabric that sits against your underwear: Black liquid-proof Oeko-Tex certified Dintex Softshell Fleece (100% Polyeste) 

"Core"/Middle Layer:

Our pads are classified as "Hidden Core" pads - that means there's no stitching on the top of the pad. Instead the core is stitched to a layer of Woven Cotton (100% Cotton), hidden inside the pad between the Topper & Backer.

Cores are structured differently per absorbency, and consist of 1-2 layers of the following:

Moderates ● Zorb (28% Cotton, 26% Tencel, 23% Bamboo viscose, 13% Polyester, 10% Nylon)

Heavies ● Zorb & Hemp French Terry (55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton)

Snapped Widths per Absorbency

Moderates are adjustable with 2 socket snaps to choose between an approximate 2.5" and 2.75" width.

Heavies & Supers are adjustable with 2 socket snaps to choose between an approximate 3" and 2.75" width.


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