Cozy Reusables

Specializing in hand made Reusable Cloth Pads for menstruation, incontinence and postpartum care.

Also featuring hand made Cloth Pad Accessories, and Unpaper Towels.

Plus NEW sustainable, reusable and biodegradable items!

  • You want to make a difference!

    Incorporating more reusable items into your everyday life can help lower your carbon footprint, & reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill!

  • You want budget friendly products!

    Do you find yourself buying disposable menstrual/incontinence products too frequently? Cloth Pads last for many years, and could help you save precious funds!

Curious about Reusable Cloth Pads?

Visit our guidance pages for tips, recommendations, and materials used.

Mega Flares

All "Mega Flare" Cloth Pads will be found here 

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