Selecting The Right Pad For You

How to Choose the Right Cozy Reusables Pad for you!

        We pride ourselves on being able to offer many different Cloth Pad options for our amazing customers. There is no "One Size Fits All" for Menstruation, Postpartum, or Incontinence care products. What works for one person may not work for everyone. One person might even prefer different shapes or sizes for their different monthly phases. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for everyone's different preferences!


Choosing A Cloth Pad Shape:
Cozy Reusables Cloth Pads come in
3 different shapes that work
for different flow types or flow directions.
Here are which flow types
each shape works best for:


The "Basic" Shape                                                           

Who is this shape for:

      Those that do well with regular shaped Disposable Pads - or for those that require extra length at both ends due to a flow travelling in both directions. This shape works well for a flow that travels up and down and back again.

      With it's simplistic design our Basic shape is a great starting point when diving into the world of Cloth Pads. Our Basic line has the most extensive range of sizes, including the longest Cloth Pad we currently have to offer.


"Mega Flare" Shape                                                          

Who is this shape for:

      For flows that pool or flare out more to one end of your Pad.

      Our Mega Flare shape offers a larger and rounder coverage area to one end of the Pad. It's shaped for a flow that travels up the back or front and pools there, or flares out only to the one end. This is an optimal shape for overnight coverage - for stomach sleepers and back sleepers!

"Wrap Wing" Shape                                                            

Who is this shape for:

      Centre Bleeders that tend to leak off the sides/wings - Those that tend to bleed right in the centre of their pad, and don't have too much flow move forwards or backwards.

      This shape has a lengthier wing compared to our other shapes. It can help prevent leaks off the "corner" area of the pads wings.


Choosing "Topper" Materials:

Cloth pads are made from a variety of
materials that each offer different benefits
and drawbacks. The "Topper" fabric is
going to be the fabric that touches your skin.
Here are the most common materials
use for our Cloth Pads:


Cotton Spandex                                                                  

        Our most popular Cotton fabric we offer is “Cotton Spandex”, which is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Cotton Spandex may also be known as “Cotton Lycra”, “Cotton Knit” or “Cotton Jersey”. This blend makes a very durable fabric with a little bit of stretch to move with your body - while still having a cotton soft feel like an underwear or t-shirt material.
Cotton Spandex Pros: Soft, absorbent, and offers additional Cloth Pad absorbency.
Cotton Spandex Cons: Can take 4-6 washes before optimal absorbency.


Moisture Wicking Pique (and Air Wicking Jersey)           

        “Pique” and “Air Wicking Jersey/AWJ” are sophisticated Polyester materials with wicking technology that pulls moisture away from the body extremely fast. They’re very light and breathable, with a silky feel and slightly dimpled texture. AWJ’s dimples are more noticeably embossed, while Pique’s dimples are barely visible.
Pique/AWJ Pros: Very fast at pulling moisture away, light and silky.
Pique/AWJ Cons: Moisture wicking fabrics can be too drying for some people.


Bamboo French Terry (From Viscose)                              

        Bamboo French Terry is light, drapey, and highly absorbent. It has an extremely soft and smooth feel, with more stretch and "slink" than Cotton Spandex. Bamboo Viscose is derived from Bamboo cellulose pulp; pressed, spun, and combed until thread is produced. Bamboo fabrics can also have anti-bacterial characteristics to ward off bacteria and odors!
“BFT” Pros: Extremely soft, additional Cloth Pad absorbency.
"BFT" Cons: Might not hold its shape after time/ be a bit looser on your Pad.


 Choosing an Absorbency Level:

Different levels of absorbency correspond
to different menstrual, incontinence, or
postpartum flow levels.
Here's a breakdown of
Cozy Reusables absorbency levels:



        Cloth Liners are for spotting at the beginning or end of your menstrual cycle. They will also work for discharge, everyday wear or light Menstrual Cup backup.



        Moderate Flow Cloth Pads are for a “regular” or “medium-sized” menstrual flow, for light urinary incontinence, or light postpartum bleeding.


        Heavy Flow Cloth Pads are suitable for the heaviest days of your menstrual cycle, moderate postpartum bleeding, or for moderate urinary incontinence.
*Cozy Pro Tip* - A 12" Heavy Cloth Pad is a great starting size!

Super Heavy                                                                        

        Super Heavy Cloth Pads are suitable for extra heavy menstrual flows, heavy overnight coverage, or heavy postpartum bleeding.

     *Cozy Pro Tip* - Our Heavy & Super Heavy absorbencies are
slightly wider than our Liners and Moderates.

*New* Ultra Heavy Wide                                                      

        Our new Ultra Heavy pads are made even more wide than our Heavies/Super Heavies, for maximum side to side coverage. Ideal for extremely heavy gushy menstrual flows, super heavy all-over overnight coverage, or super heavy postpartum bleeding.


Choosing Cloth Pad Lengths:

        Our Cloth Pads come in several different lengths from 6" all the way up to 16". The best way to figure out which length will suit you the best is to; measure the length of your current favorite Disposable Pad. If you don't have any Disposable Pads, determine the length of coverage that you would prefer by measure the middle section of your underwear. Measure from the point that you would like your pad to come up to at the front of your underwear, down to the point that you would like your pad to end at the back of your underwear.

Choosing A Cloth Pad  Width:

        Width is also something to consider when shopping for Cloth Pads. Throughout our website you will see us refer to width as "Snapped Width". This describes the coverage width at the area where the snaps are, which for most of our pads is right in the middle of the Pad. This will most likely also be the area that will sit right in the centre of your underwear, or centered between your legs.

        For our Cloth Pads, the lighter the absorbency, the slimmer the coverage width will be. Most of our Cloth Pads also come with two socket snaps to choose between a more slim Snapped Width or a wider setting.

        Our Liners, and Moderates are our slimmest coverage width; adjustable between 2.5" and 2.75". Our Heavy Pads are slightly wider; adjustable between 2.75" and 3". NEWLY our Super Heavy Pads are now slightly wider than our Heavies with an adjustable width of: 3" & 3.25". Lastly our Ultra Heavy Wides offer our widest coverage area; adjustable between 3.5" and 3.75"!

        Determine which width you think will suit your flow or underwear size the best by measuring a Disposable Pad that is already applied (wrapped around) your underwear. Or, measure the width of the centre section of your underwear.

More Questions?

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